🚩 Due to beta-phase status, methods used to calculate total and category scores are not completely accurate and are heavily subject to change later on.

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Add New Services & Sources


Submit new services and sources to be reviewed by the team and added to the database for processing.

Set Your Case Preferences

In Testing

Select whether you want a case to be good, neutral, bad, or blocker based on your personal preferences. All scores and displayed cases will update according to your preferences.

A license is kept on user-generated content even after you close your account

Recieve Updates About Changes

Coming Soon

Get email updates when a service you follow enacts positive or negative changes to their policies. Learn exactly what was changed and see how it affected the score.

Instantly Check Sources

Coming Soon

Submit a link to a service that has not been added to the database and get a score processed in realtime. Also allows for a comparison of past sources that came before Volapyk's inception.